Elect Clay Ivey Sheriff of Newton County

Elect Clay Ivey Sheriff of Newton County

Elect Clay Ivey Sheriff of Newton CountyElect Clay Ivey Sheriff of Newton CountyElect Clay Ivey Sheriff of Newton County

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 Donations are a vital part of being elected into the office as Sheriff.   Without your contributions we can't spread the word throughout the County.  Please donate any amount to help us grow our campaign. Show your candidate that you have his back in making Newton County a safe place. Contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Give today! 

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The Platform

Serving The Community


Your candidate is a life long resident of Newton County.  Dedicated to bringing Newton County back to a safe place to live, work, play and visit. With experience in a department close to Atlanta, he has the ability to recognize crime trends and take proactive measures, to keep crime under control.  He has a vision of increasing visibility in neighborhood and business districts to reduce burglaries.  His vision also includes increasing community policing and organizing events to get teens involved in their community.  He will revamp the patrol zones in the county to create smaller zones and increase manpower to reduce response times.   Your vote and support will allow us to work together to make Newton County a safe place to live, work, play and visit.

United By A Common Goal


Your candidate knows the importance of serving the public.  Citizens of Newton County deserve the highest quality of law enforcement service.  Our citizens need a leader who will be transparent and accountable for the actions of the department and spending of the taxpayer's money. 

Get Involved


Your candidate can't win this race without your support through, campaigning, fundraisers, volunteering, and financial contributions. These are some of the ways to help us achieve our goals together.   Click the "Join Our Committee" to join our campaign committee or to voice your concerns for the safety of our County or "Donate Now" tab to offer financial support.

About Us


Clay has been a resident of Newton County his entire life.  A graduate of Newton County High School.  Clay is married to his wife Johnnie and has three grown daughters and seven grandchildren.  He is a active member of Prospect United Methodist Church in Covington and enjoys being outdoors.  He spends his spare time playing golf, hunting, fishing, and outdoor cooking.  Being a family man he understands the importance of having a safe place to raise a family.

Professional Background

 Clay has proudly been a public servant for over 30 years. He became a firefighter, shortly after graduating high school. He began his firefighting career as a volunteer with the Salem Volunteer Fire Department. He then became a full-time Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician with Rockdale County and continued serving the community as a Volunteer Firefighter for Salem and Porterdale Volunteer Fire Departments. Clay later left his firefighting career to fulfill his dream to become a certified Police Officer, with his ultimate goal of becoming the Sheriff of Newton County. In his nearly 20 years in Law Enforcement, he has moved up through the ranks becoming a Lieutenant with his department. He has served as shift commander in patrol, a commander in criminal investigation and served in the administration division. During his career, he has implemented and enforced several ordinances to increase the quality of life for the citizens he has served. 

Close the deal

 Elect Clay, for a sheriff that can lead Newton County Sheriff's Department in the right direction. One that can make Newton County a safe place to live, work, play and visit once again. A vote for Clay will guarantee increased customer service, transparency, and accountability of the department and the taxpayer's money. 

Updated information

Since the announcement of Clay's bid for Sheriff, there have been a few great changes we would like to tell you about.  Clay's assignment at his current department has changed.  Clay was moved to Commander of Special Operations.  His current duties are commander of the Crime Suppression Unit, School Resource Division, Reserve Officers unit, the K-9 Division, Explorer Unit, Community Oriented Policing Unit, City Marshal - Code Enforcement and the Special Response Team (SWAT team).  Clay has attended training through National Tactical Officers Association for Commanding SWAT Operations.  Clay is now responsible for planning and implementing operation plans for all of the large events for his department.  This opportunity has given Clay more experience in other areas of Public Safety.  This adds to his ability to implement programs for the citizens of Newton County to make Newton a safer place to raise a family, visit and to work.  

Clay will begin picking up the pace for his campaign as the time draws near to election day.  He looks forward to meeting as many citizens as possible throughout the County.  If you see him around town, stop him and allow him to share his vision for a safe Newton County.   

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